50th Anniversary


As we embark on our organization’s 50th anniversary, now is a time of great celebration for GBMC HealthCare. We are reflecting back on the milestone moments in our history, commemorating the successes of the present day, and looking ahead to a future that is filled with opportunities for continued growth, evolvement and impact within the communities we serve. We are uniting the people who have helped shape GBMC HealthCare into the organization it is today, bringing together board members, physicians, employees, volunteers and grateful families to take part in an anniversary celebration that in and of itself, will be noted as a momentous part of our organization’s history.

We are very proud of what GBMC HealthCare has accomplished over the past five decades. And we are so grateful for our patients, their families and the community at large, for choosing GBMC for the past 50 years. There is much to be celebrated. And we hope you will take part!

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