Acute Care

ACE- Acute Care for the Elderly
The ACE Unit (Acute Care for the Elderly) is an inpatient unit at GBMC dedicated to the care of geriatric patients who qualify for acute hospital care. The clinical staff are trained to meet the unique healthcare needs of elderly patients. Specialized protocols and discharge plans have been developed to assure the appropriate care of our patients.

What is the ACE Unit at GBMC?

The ACE unit is a 27-bed unit located on Unit 35 and that addresses not only the medical needs of the elderly, but the functional and social needs as well. Each patient room is equipped with a special bed that can be lowered to a level that allows ease of access and a decrease in the risk associated with falls. The interdisciplinary team that provides care for each patient is made up of representatives from multiple disciplines, that work together to meet the individual needs of the hospitalized elderly patient.

Why is the environment better for a compromised aging individual?

Because of the setting and the specially trained interdisciplinary team, a patient can expect:

  • A prepared environment: appropriate lighting, soothing colors, de-cluttered areas;
  • Patient-centered care: individualized patient care based on functional status of each patient;
  • Appropriate planning for discharge; returning patients to their previous level of function;
  • Medical Care Review: by a geriatrician and the interdisciplinary team.
What are the criteria for admission to the ACE Unit?

To be eligible for admission to the ACE Unit at GBMC, the patient must be at least 65 years old and have an acute condition requiring hospitalization. Patients most at risk for geriatric syndromes such as confusion, dementia, depression, incontinence, and falls or on multiple medications are all candidates for admission to the ACE unit.

How can I contact the ACE Unit?

For a direct referral: please contact Linda Henderson, at 443-849-3529. A patient who is being admitted to the hospital and meets the ACE admission criteria may also request being placed in the ACE Unit. Ask your physician to request the ACE unit or request ACE if you come into the ED and need hospitalization.

Linda Henderson, RN Linda L. Henderson, RN
Program Coordinator ACE Unit

Ms. Henderson joined the ACE Unit as Manager in December 2006. She has over ten years experience in geriatrics in the Baltimore area. Ms. Henderson received her BSN from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and has her teaching certificate.

To find a physician who specializes in Adult Medicine, call 443-849-GBMC (4262) or follow the link to Find a Doctor.

Who is in included on the interdisciplinary team?

The ACE unit provides an environment in which the care providers are specially trained in the care of the elderly. A team of Geriatricians, including:
  • Dr. Aaron Charles, Medical Director for the ACE Unit
  • An ACE Program Coordinator who coordinates the interdisciplinary team, programmatic development and communication on the unit.
  • Physicians
  • Nurses, who are involved in the day-to-day care of elderly patients and receive specific training to address issues the elderly face when hospitalized.
  • Pharmacists, Dieticians, Care Mangers, Rehabilitation Specialist, Speech and Language Specialists, are all active participants in daily rounds by the interdisciplinary team.
  • Nursing support technicians, secretaries, housekeepers and volunteers all provide support to the care of the patients.
Volunteers Services on the ACE Unit

Greater Outcomes is a hospital-wide program designed for geriatric patients to improve function and prevent cognitive/physical decline in the elderly while at GBMC. Volunteers play a very important role in this program by providing sympathetic support, encouragement and companionship to older patients. Some of the activities that the volunteers help with are:
  • Feeding/Meals
  • Making phone calls
  • Writing letters
  • Playing games
  • Conversation
  • Reading

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