Chaplain’s Corner

Chaplain's Corner (an excerpt from the Fall 2011 edition of Volunteer Focus)


On the weekends I am known to enjoy a good nap, you know the type where you may be nestled in a recliner, chair or bed, feeling warm with a fleece or blanket over you and well somehow you drift off, feeling secure and cared for knowing at some level all is well with the world.  It seems to me in life we all need reminders that all is well with the world even at times when we may not feel it.

Here at GBMC, through the generosity of local congregations and our dedicated team of prayer shawl volunteers, we are able to offer prayer shawls to our patients who may be experiencing anxiety, struggle or fear.  Our goal for gifting our prayer shawls, as is true of any of our Spiritual Support outreach at GBMC is to meet the patients where they are in their belief system. It is our hope that patients through receiving a prayer shawl, might feel warmed, reassured and reminded they are not alone in their journey with illness. The beauty of the prayer shawl is they are universal and do not carry any prescribed set of beliefs, rather they represent the essence of human compassion and concern to our patients and families.  One principle of religion and that of spirituality is prayer works!   So those who are involved in our prayer shawl ministry do so in a desire to lift and encourage healing by their creation and execution of the beautiful prayer shawls which we distribute to our patients in various areas of the hospital. 

Presently we are gifting patients in the Medical Intensive Care Unit, 57, the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, 59, the Progressive Care Unit, 37, and on a limited basis to patients in Unit 45, the Oncology Unit.
In closing, I wish to offer my gratitude to our teams of prayer shawl creators, who through their generosity ease the suffering of our patients and bring hope to our humanity.

If you have interest in joining our prayer shawl team feel free to contact the Spiritual Support office at 443.849.2054, for further information. No sewing experience necessary!


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