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Direct Admissions:The Hospitalist Group is happy to assist with direct admissions to GBMC, when appropriate. To initiate a direct admission, a referring physician can use in-house beeper #398 to request the admission. The on-call hospitalist will take report from the referring physician, and check on bed availability with the nurse coordinator on duty. Arrangement can be directed from that point for the hospitalist to receive the patient on presentation.

All appropriate records necessary should be faxed to 443-849-8057.

Rapid Response and Codes:The GBMC Hospitalist Staff attends all rapid responses and codes on the campus of GBMC, with the exception of the Gilchrist Hospice. Through the hospital operator and the main hospitalist beeper system, a hospitalist will respond to each emergency call. When appropriate, the hospitalist can coordinate patient transfers and communication with attending physicians as needed.
Medical Consultations:
The GBMC Hospitalist group provides full-scope consultation services to all other physician departments within the hospital. To arrange for medical consultation, the process is similar to the above. A physician should dial in-house beeper #398 to request medical consultation.

*Please note that we do not consult on patients who are attended in-house by their private physicians.

Temporary Cross Coverage:Some private physicians who do not use the hospitalist group exclusively may need certain services from time to time.  When needed, a physician should contact Dr. Fred Chan, Dr. Rekha Motagi, or Dr. Chris Greenawalt via Groupwise email or through the hospital operator, in order to set up such a request.

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