Preparing for Your Interview at GBMC

GBMC takes great pride in its interview process, the goal of which is to select the very best candidates for each position not only for the hospital's success, but for the candidate's, as well.  To that end, we involve many stakeholders in the interview process, including a nurse recruiter, the hiring manager, and sometimes department peers or other interested parties.  The purpose of the interview is to reduce the risk of a bad match for both the hospital and the candidate.  Although the interview process is sometimes perceived as pressure-filled, advance preparation helps to ease the jitters.  Here are some things to think about as you prepare to interview at GBMC.  You might jot down your answers to these questions, as you get ready to put your best foot forward:

1. Why do you want to work at GBMC?
2. Why, in particular, does a job in __________ department interest you?
3. Tell me about a patient experience in which you had a chance to prove your dedication to outstanding customer service.
4. What personal strengths would you bring to GBMC?
5. How would your ideal employer help you to develop as a nurse?
6. Give me an example of a time when you contributed to teamwork in your previous job (or in school).
7. Tell me something about yourself that you are very proud of.
8. What will your previous supervisors (or teachers) say about you, if we ask them for a reference?
9. What have you learned about GBMC either from research or talking to patients or employees?

It's also a good idea to think about things you want to know about the job, so that you can make a good decision about the organization you may be joining.  An employer always likes potential employees to ask good questions about the job and the medical center and also wants to be confident that you, as an applicant, have done your homework.  When you have, you can go into an interview assured that you will project the best possible image and increase your chances of landing the perfect position.

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