Oncology Rehabilitation

About Us:

The Oncology Rehabilitation Program was launched in late 2008 to provide expert outpatient rehabilitation to cancer patients enduring the adverse effects of treatment. With a mission to restore and improve the cancer patient’s quality of life, the Oncology Rehabilitation Program has the advantage of private treatment rooms and a rehabilitation gym where patients can work on improving therapist supervised strength and stamina as well as address function, activities of daily living and ergonomics. Care is coordinated with the patient’s cancer care team and can be in conjunction with speech or swallowing therapy at the Dance Center. Oncology rehabilitation can begin before, during and after the cancer treatments regimen to assist with issues of fatigue, weakness, mobility, success at everyday activities important to the patient.


Specialized services provided by physical, occupational and speech therapists, help oncology patients with:

  • Mobility, flexibility and strength
  • Scar adhesions and restrictions
  • Depleted functional capacity and energy conservation issues
  • Sensory loss, neuropathy related pain
  • Lymphedema
  • Compromised activities of daily living in the home and in the community, including work ergonomic issues
  • Adaptive devices, equipment, braces and splints
  • Safety, balance and coordination
  • Seating problems
  • Swallowing and speech (click here for more info)
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