Palliative Medicine

Providing comfort, easing pain, improving quality of life. 

Palliative medicine helps relieve pain; manage physical symptoms related to cancer and its treatment; prevent emotional and spiritual suffering; and improve quality of life for cancer patients. Palliative medicine concentrates on alleviating or controlling symptoms, rather than providing a cure. Dr. Tony Riley oversees GBMC's oncology palliative services.

Who can receive Palliative Medicine services?

All patients diagnosed with Stage IV cancer can be referred to palliative medicine services, although other patients may also qualify. These services can be especially beneficial to patients with metastatic cancer. Our services also support family members who may be overwhelmed by their loved one's illness and the challenges of navigating the healthcare system. This specialized care is available to inpatients and outpatients at GBMC as well as affiliated post-acute facilities in the surrounding area.

Coordinating care and support for our patients.

The palliative medicine team works closely with each patient's medical oncologist to help ease the physical and emotional aspects of struggling with a terminal illness. The palliative team also facilitates referrals to Oncology Patient Support Services which can provide end-of-life counseling and other services.

Our close working relationship with Gilchrist Hospice Care assists the transition to hospice.

Our caring team of specialists includes:

  • Medical personnel already providing daily care
  • A Palliative Medicine physician providing expertise in the medications and treatments helpful in reducing pain and other problematic symptoms
  • Nurse practitioners experienced in symptom management and the special needs of those with advanced chronic illnesses
  • Social worker trained to provide emotional support for patients and families
  • Chaplain available to provide spiritual support

How does Palliative Medicine differ from Hospice?

Palliative Medicine and Hospice share a common philosophy that focuses on patient and family comfort values. However, Palliative Medicine differs from Hospice in that it is provided at any point in a patient's disease course, from diagnosis onward. It can be combined with curative treatments or be the sole focus of a patient's care.

Arranging a Palliative Medicine consultation.

Patients, family members, or any member of the health care team can request a Palliative Medicine consultation. The initial consultation requires a physician's written or verbal order. The Palliative Medicine Team can be reached at 443-849-6255 or

Palliative Medicine
Suite 4105
6701 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21204
Phone: 443-849-6255
Fax:      443-849-3182

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