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Physical/Occupational Therapy
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Our dedicated team of occupational therapists are ready help the individual patient achieve an optimal level of functioning, self-care, self-responsibility, independence and quality of life Amongst our team members, therapists have Including advance training in NICU for premature infants, pre-op class and rehabilitation program for patients undergoing joint and spine surgery, splint and fracture bracing, and neurological diagnosis.
Purposes of Occupational Therapy Services

Rehabilitation Services are designed to help the individual patient achieve an optimal level of functioning, self-care, self-responsibility, independence and quality of life. The optimal level is achieved by restoring, improving or maintaining the patient's assessed level of functioning. Rehabilitation services aim to minimize symptoms, exacerbations or chronic illnesses, impairments and disabilities. There is an interdisciplinary approach, including promotion of a continuum of patient care. There is integration of patient information to identify and assign priorities, as well as to make care decisions based on identified patient needs and care priorities. Rehabilitation becomes integrated into the patient's plan of care and follows them from the acute to the sub acute, the outpatient, extended care, home environment, or other care facilities, as appropriate.

Hours of Operation

Inpatients are scheduled for services daily between 7:00 am and 4:30 pm, including holidays and weekends. Weekend and holiday schedules are based on a priority system.
Description of Occupational Therapy Services

Rehabilitation Services include physical and occupational therapy. Occupational therapy services include evaluations/reevaluations and treatments for inpatients and outpatients referred by a physician with a written order to provide services. Specifically Occupational Therapists evaluate, assess, and treat individuals whose ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLS) have been impaired. Occupational therapists treat physical symptoms, as well as visual/perceptual and cognitive skills that have been affected by disease or disability. Other occupational therapy services include education/training of staff, family, and caregivers, participation in interdisciplinary teams, discharge recommendations and planning, upper and lower extremity positioning devices, and liaison activities with community agencies and other healthcare providers. Services are provided by licensed occupational therapists and certified occupational therapy assistants Therapists and assistants are qualified by virtue of their state licensure, academic and practical training, and regular verification of their competency skills to perform their duties.
Location and Directions

Closest parking area: Bluebell Park, which is adjacent to the therapy department. Services are provided at bedside, in the Club Room (unit 58) and in the main Occupational Therapy Department located on the ground level of Building #16.

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