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The Sub Acute Unit is designed to help patients achieve the highest possible level of independence.  It differs from GBMC's ACE unit for the patients in Sub Acute are not hospital patients, thus it is sometimes referred to as transitional care, and licensed as a skilled nursing facility.  The patients on this unit have met the acute care criteria for discharge, but are still in need of additional assistance, and transfer to the Sub Acute Unit to receive additional rehabilitation to enable them to return to their homes.  This includes:

  • Intense rehabilitation
  • Medical monitoring
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Careful planning for discharge

A patient's discharge planning begins on admission with a specific set of goals.  Often, these are related to rehabilitation.  An interdisciplinary team oversees these goals and communicates with the patient and family regarding progress toward them.

The Interdisciplinary Team

Each patient benefits from the team of professionals and their collaborative approach to treatment.  The group includes:  licensed nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, clinical dietitians, pharmacists, activity therapists, social worker and a highly skilled support staff.  Management staff includes an Administrator, a Director of Nursing and a Medical Director.

Our Patients

Our focus is rehabilitation and restorative skilled nursing care.  We take care of patients with diverse diagnoses, including:

  • Those who are recovering from joint replacement, fractures or amputations
  • Those who have cardiac or respiratory issues
  • Those who are rehabilitating from a stroke
  • Those who need wound care
  • Those with cancer

We evaluate each referral to the Sub Acute Unit using specific criteria.  The unit is Medicare-certified and is contracted with a number of private insurance carriers.  For information pertaining to coverage, or to make a referral, please call 443-849-2012.

The Environment

The Sub Acute Unit, located on the fifth floor of the hospital, is designed to help the patient transition back to an independent lifestyle.  The setting is warm and homelike and the staff seeks to make every patient feel comfortable.  The unit has its own activities program and patients are encouraged to participate as a way of furthering recovery and promoting social interaction.  Unit amenities include a gracious dining room, an activities space, and a large flat screen television.  Many patients dress in their own clothing and spend time visiting with friends or family in these common spaces.  The unit has its own devoted rehabilitation suite and team of therapist, so patients receive treatment while physically on the unit.

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