Windows XP (with Service Pack 2)

1. Verify that wireless communication is enabled on your laptop.

2. Right-click the wireless network connection icon in your taskbar then click View Available Wireless Networks.

3. The Wireless Network Connection dialogue box appears as shown in Figure 2. If no networks appear, click Refresh Network List in the upper-left corner.

4. Choose the wireless network Kiosk by click on its name and then click Connect. If Kiosk does not show, you may need to create a new connection with Kiosk as the SSID.

5. Windows XP will briefly change the network's connection status to Acquiring Network Address, and then to Connected. You can now choose the Wireless Network Connection dialogue box.

6. Open your web browser to reach your homepage. At this point, you can type in the name of the website you wish to visit. Please note that not all web sites are accessible through the GBMC Internet connection.

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