Audiology - The Technology

Audiometric Suites


Audiometric suites or booths provide a controlled environment for hearing testing.  Our extra large booths can accommodate wheel chairs.  Windows on doors give the booths an open feeling to reduce patient anxiety. 


Balanceback VNG System


Our new Balanceback Videonystagmagraphy equipment utilizes the world's most advanced proprietary and patent-pending videonsytagmography eye tracking technology and state-of-the art dual infrared micro video camera goggles, enabling the audiologist to more effectively diagnose and manage patients with dizziness and balance disorders.


ICS Chartr EP (ABR System)

 ABR testing measures neural activity as sound travels from the hearing nerve to the lower brainstem and can be used for assessing neurologic function or for estimating hearing thresholds.  Patients listen to click-like sounds and are not required to respond.  Testing requires that the patient remain still, relaxed and quiet for at least an hour.  For pediatric populations, a mild sedative is commonly used to facilitate sleeping. 

Algo ABR screener

 This equipment is used in our universal hearing screening program for screening infants hearing.  Soft sounds are presented to the baby's ears through headphones.  Small sensors record the "auditory" response from the nerve pathway and produce either a pass or refer response. 




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