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GBMC's hospitalist team understands that you may feel a little lost, nervous or confused. Your care team is dedicated to guiding you through your visit, providing you with the best care and helping you feel as comfortable as possible.

What is a hospitalist?

The Hospitalist Services at GBMC is comprised of highly trained, licensed physicians who are internal medicine board certified or board eligible. The Hospitalist team serves as an extension of GBMA outpatient practices as well as for other community physicians. Primary care providers that use our service have found that they are able to spend more time with and provide better care for their office patients. We also help care for patients who do not have a primary care physician.

What are the benefits of being cared for by the GBMC Hospitalist team?

Our team provides a 24/7 on-site care for patients. A hospitalist will generally round throughe the morning and afternoon to develop a care plan for you. The hospitalist team works closely with the nursing staff, social workers and specialists to ensure improved communication, increased patient safety and better teamwork with you.

The service's round-the-clock presence means that no matter when a need or concern may arise, a team member will always be able to attend to you and provide the care and attent you need.

We aim to maintain good communication with you at all times.

Will my primary care provider stay involved?

The Hospitalist service at GBMC puts a great emphasis on closely communicating with every primary care provider. We obtain records from them at the time of admission and keep them updated with any significant changes. At the time of discharge, we notify them of your hospital course, your test results and any changes that were made to your medications with follow ups that may be needed.  

What happens at the time of discharge?

The Hospitalist caring for you as well as your nurses and social workers will discuss discharge plans with you from the day you arrive at the hospital.

Hospitalists do not maintain an outpatient practice. you will resume follow up visits with your primary care provider after discharge from GBMC. An office number will be provided to you in case you have futher questions regarding your discharge instructions.

If you do not have a primary care provider, we will be happy to refer you to one in the community for a follow up visit.

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