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GBMC Physician Offers Options To Help Women “Break Free” From Pelvic Floor Disorders
Nov 03, 2014
CONTACT: John M. Lazarou
PHONE: 443-849-2126

Imagine having the frequent urge to go to the bathroom at unexpected times. Not being able to play with your children because of the fear that you might experience urinary leakage or that you can’t exercise due to pelvic discomfort. That’s what life is like for women who experience pelvic floor disorders (PFDs).

Approximately one in three women will be experience a PFD at some point during their lives. New research issued by the PFD Alliance finds that the majority of Americans underestimate just how common PFDs are. While PFDs are more common in women over 50, they are not a normal part of aging.

Nicole Korbly, M.D., a urogynecologist and member of Greater Baltimore Medical Center’s (GBMC) Center for Female Pelvic Floor Disorders, says that some women wait so long to discuss these issues because they are embarrassed or not aware that treatments exist. “This means that many women do not seek treatment for PFDs and suffer in silence,“ says Korbly. “Often they feel they are the only person with the problem.”

PFDs include bladder and bowel control problems, as well as, pelvic organ prolapse which is the dropping of the pelvic organs caused by loss of normal support. Common risk factors for PFDs include pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal changes after menopause, obesity and conditions such as chronic cough.

“I stress to my patients that PFDs should not be considered a normal part of aging and that they can be treated successfully,” adds Korbly. “Sometimes, patients do not realize that there are many non-surgical and surgical treatments available.”

Korbly will be discussing common causes and symptoms of PFDs. A broad range of available conservative surgical and non-surgical treatment options will be highlighted by Dr. Korbly and she will also discuss why decisions about the optimal treatment for an individual are patient-driven and a personal choice.

GBMC will host a FREE educational event titled “Take The Floor: Break Free From PFDs,” on Thursday, Nov. 13 as part of a public awareness campaign, launched by the PFD Alliance, to help women impacted by PFDs and minimize discomfort associated with speaking about and seeking treatment for the disease. The event will be held at GBMC’s Civiletti Conference Center (located in the lobby of the Physicians Pavilion East (PPE) building) and starts at 6:30 p.m. Registration is highly recommended. For more information call 443-849-2891.


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