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HealthDay News Articles Abuse-Resistant Prescription Painkiller Approved 11/20/2014
Hysingla ER is only for chronic pain, and is formulated to resist crushing, dissolving
HealthDay News Articles Akynzeo Approved for Side Effects of Chemotherapy 10/10/2014
Drug helps ease nausea, vomiting
HealthDay News Articles Antiviral Combination Approved for Hepatitis C 12/22/2014
Some 3.2 million Americans thought infected
HealthDay News Articles Avastin Approved for Late-Stage Cervical Cancer 08/15/2014
More than 4,000 women projected to die this year from the disease
HealthDay News Articles Beleodaq Approved for Aggressive non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 07/03/2014
When lymph nodes become cancerous
HealthDay News Articles Belsomra Approved for Insomnia 08/14/2014
First such drug designed to affect sleep-wake cycle
HealthDay News Articles Bionic Prosthetic Arm Approved 05/09/2014
Helps amputees perform complex tasks by using signals from nearby muscles
HealthDay News Articles Blincyto Approved for Rare Leukemia 12/03/2014
Drug sanctioned for rapidly-growing form of bone marrow cancer
HealthDay News Articles Blood Test for Yeast Infections Approved 09/23/2014
Rare infections primarily affect people with weakened immune systems
HealthDay News Articles Blood-Thinning Drug Savaysa Approved 01/09/2015
Designed to treat dangerous clots and prevent stroke
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