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Title   Molecular Surveillance for Head and Neck Cancer.
Study Number   HN0902
Trial Type   Oncology-Head and Neck
Condition   -
Trial Status   Open to Accrual
Principal Investigator   Barbara Messing¸ MA¸ CCC-SLP¸ BRS-S
Contact Name   Samantha Merritt, CCRC
Phone   (443) 849-8542

This research is being done to test several investigational methods to detect squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth and throat. We hope to find if these investigational strategies might be beneficial to patients such as you in the future. 

Those who agree to participate in the study will be asked to consent to a blood draw and to provide a saliva sample. If the patient is having a biopsy or surgery, a small piece of tissue may be removed for the purpose of the study. DNA from the blood will be compared with DNA from the tumor cells.

Additional blood draws and saliva collections will be completed at intervals of 4-7 months after the completion of the patient’s treatment. These follow-up collections will coincide with the patient’s standard follow-up schedule with their physician, so they will not be making extra trips for this study. These follow-up collections will continue for 3 years after the completion of the patient’s treatment.

Inclusion/Notes   Patients with SCC of the mucosa of the upper aerodigestive tract, salivary glands or soft tissues of the head and neck.
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