Hereditary Cancer Genetics Services

Hereditary cancer risk assessment:

  • Comprehensive review of medical and family history
  • Physical examination (if necessary) to look for features of an underlying hereditary cancer condition
  • Assessment of histories to determine likelihood of an underlying hereditary cancer condition

Genetic counseling:

  • Discussion and education about hereditary cancer conditions
  • Discussion and education about appropriate genetic testing
  • Discussion of the implications of a diagnosis, including the medical, psychological, and familial implications
  • Discussion and education about appropriate cancer screening and risk reduction measures

Genetic testing:

  • Coordination of appropriate genetic testing
  • Interpretation of genetic test results

Ongoing support and management:

  • Coordinate referrals to appropriate specialists for screening and ongoing management
  • Provide referrals to support groups or organizations
  • Provide information about potential research studies
  • Act as an ongoing resource for support and information
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