Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment - Cochlear Implant Center

We are pleased that you have chosen the CI Center @ GBMC.  Now that you have scheduled an appointment, we will forward all of the new patient paperwork, along with literature and DVD's explaining cochlear implantation, to your home. Your initial appointment will be the cochlear implant candidacy evaluation.  This will last approximately 2 hours.  The evaluation will include a case history, audiologic testing and a thorough review of the test results, recommendations and cochlear implant technology if appropriate.  We will allow for plenty of time to address all of your questions, so feel free to make a list to bring to your appointment.

What you need to bring to your appointment:

  • Completed new patient paperwork
  • Insurance card(s)
  • Previous audiologic records
  • Your hearing aids

What will happen when you arrive:

  • Please sign in at the front desk
  • A secretary will take your paperwork and insurance card to place all of the information into our system
  • When this is complete, she will notify the team member that you have arrived for your appointment
  • You will be taken to the test booth for listening with and without your hearing aids to determine how much benefit they offer you
  • You will return to the office and all of the findings will be reviewed with you
  • Recommendations for additional testing will be made at this time
  • Counseling regarding how implantation works, the surgery, expectations and outcomes will be discussed

Helpful tips:

  • Having all of your working hearing aids available for the appointment will make the process run smoother
  • Recent hearing tests
  • List of current medications
  • Relax - we promise to explain the process as we go along and have scheduled ample time to answer all of your questions



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