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Taylor Gasior


Taylor Gasior

Taylor is a 5th grader that receives cochlear implant service at GBMC. Recently, she wrote about her experience and is a finalist for the Ben Carson Scholarship. Even though Taylor was nervous about getting a second cochlear implant, she has learned that "it's okay to be afraid even when something is scary to you. You can always face your fears and family will be there for you."

Click here to read Taylor's essay.

Erin Blair

Erin is a lovely, energetic, smart 8 year old. She was identified to have a hearing loss through a routine newborn hearing screening. She began utilizing hearing aids at the age of 18 months. As her hearing loss progressed, it was determined that the hearing aids were not providing her with enough benefit for continued speech and language development. She received a left cochlear implant in January 2009 and a right cochlear implant in May 2010. Erin continues to impress us with her achievements and wonderful outlook on her "special ears".

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Anna Boston

Anna began to experience hearing loss in the 1980's when she worked as a school principal. She had her left ear implanted at GBMC.

"My experiences and service at the Cochlear Implant Center have been extraordinary. Dr. Kaplan is a top-flight surgeon, whose attention to detail is fantastic. The professionalism at the Center is outstanding and the staff is obviously well prepared and very efficient. They answer my questions, offer sensible advice and exhibit broad knowledge."

Melvin Friedman

Melvin, a retired pharmacist, was born with a hearing impairment and was put into hearing aids by age 6. He had both ears implanted at GBMC.

"My cochlear implants have broken my isolation at social gatherings that I used to experience because of my hearing. My implants have enhanced my telephone use, my music appreciation and have improved my speech understanding. I highly recommend the Cochlear Implant Center at GBMC. The professionalism, encouragement and helpfulness of the staff has far exceeded my expectations."


Isaac Johnson

Isaac was born with a hearing impairment and had his left ear implanted at GBMC.

His mother, Shiloh Johnson, says:
"We were treated with compassion, empathy and kindness from the first phone call, to surgery and beyond. The staff is knowledgeable and treats us like family. We aren't just a number here. Without Isaac's cochlear implants, he can hear nothing. With his speech processors off, he couldn't even hear a car horn. With them on, he can communicate just like his peers. He can hear me whisper, listen to music and sing his ABC's!"



Kharmin Thomas

Kharmin lost her hearing in both ears due to a severe case of bacterial meningitis. She was the first patient at GBMC to have implants placed simultaneously in both ears in June 2010.

Her mother, Jasmine Thomas, says:
"Hearing loss was a completely new experience for us. The staff at the Cochlear Implant Center made sure we were comfortable and informed. Everyone worked tirelessly to meet the needs of Kharmin and guided us through the process from beginning to end. GBMC gave us hope for our daughter's future."

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