CI Services Offered

Services Offered - Cochlear Implant Center

a. Audiological Testing:

assess hearing sensitivity in test booth, with and without hearing aids

b. Speech Recognition Testing:

assess ability to recognize and repeat words and sentences in the presence of quiet and in noise

c. Speech and Language Evaluation:

assess speech and/or language abilities (as needed)

d. Speech and Language Therapy:

address voice, fluency, articulation, and language disorders

e. Aural Rehabilitation Therapy:

provide practice with implant in order to improve awareness of environmental sounds and speech understanding

f. Ear, Nose and Throat Evaluation:

performed by surgeon to determine if cochlear implantation is medically appropriate for you

g. CT Scans:

to determine the integrity (structure) of the cochlea and the auditory system

h. Psychological Evaluation:

to assess cognitive abilities (as needed)

i. Counseling regarding cochlear implant technology:

choosing device options, discussing patient/parent expectations, ongoing maintenance of the device

j. Cochlear implantation surgery:

performed on an outpatient basis, usually a 3 hour procedure

k. Hearing aid fittings and modifications:

maintenance and hearing aid selection

I.  Impressions:

 making earmolds for hearing aids

m. Mapping of cochlear implant:

programming of cochlear implant processor - completed frequently during initial stages of activation and annually thereafter


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