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Program Philosophy

The goal of Greater Baltimore Medical Center's Residency Program in Colon and Rectal Surgery is to provide an educational experience such that, upon completion of the training period, the resident will be able to evaluate and treat patients with colon and rectal disease with a higher degree of expertise and skill than even a well-trained general surgeon and will feel confident in the management of even the most complex of colorectal problems.

Our program's guiding philosophy is that the residency year at GBMC is a purely educational experience - there is no service component to our training program - and the resident is given great flexibility and independence in planning his or her daily activities in a manner that maximizes the opportunities for learning.

The program's goals are achieved through a combination of carefully structured and supervised clinical and didactic activities.


Working one-on-one with attending colon and rectal surgeons, the resident learns to integrate the findings derived from office examination, endoscopy suite, and physiology laboratory in establishing a diagnosis and developing a sound and scientifically-based treatment plan. In arriving at this plan, the resident and attending surgeon also take into consideration relevant issues of ethics and cost effectiveness, and the resident learns how to present these conclusions to the patient in a humane and compassionate manner.

If surgical treatment is undertaken, the resident operates with and under the direct supervision of an attending colon and rectal surgeon and actively participates in the patient's postoperative care, both in the hospital and in office follow-up.

This process, when combined with review of the patient's imaging and pathology studies in formal Radiology and Pathology Conferences, provides the resident with a comprehensive vertically-integrated learning experience.


The didactic portion of GBMC Residency Program in Colon and Rectal Surgery offers an intellectually stimulating experience whose goal is to provide the resident with a knowledge base for scientifically valid clinical decision-making. In addition, the resident acquires a critical sense for evaluation of medical literature, studies the broad spectrum of colon and rectal disease in preparation for the examination of the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery, and learns how to develop a clinical research project.

The program achieves these goals through Journal Club, at which the resident presents recent or classic articles to the attending staff for discussion and analysis, Textbook Conference, in which the resident systematically reviews a major textbook in colon and rectal with a faculty member, and Pathology and Radiology Conferences, in which the relevant studies from the resident's clinical experience, as well as examples from the hospital's teaching collections, are reviewed with a staff pathologist or radiologist.

In addition, under the guidance of a faculty member, the resident prepares an article for publication or a podium presentation for delivery at a regional or national meeting.

The program supplements the formal didactic program by encouraging the resident to attend GBMC Surgical Grand Rounds as well as local surgical and gastroenterologic meetings. GBMC also funds the resident's attendance at the annual convention of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons.


Upon completion of GBMC Residency Program in Colon and Rectal Surgery, the resident will possess the knowledge and skill to treat patients with colon and rectal disease in a state-of-the-art manner and with a degree of sophistication beyond that possessed by even a well-trained general surgeon. As a practitioner, he or she will derive a high degree of personal and professional satisfaction through an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their chosen field and in providing their patients with the highest possible level of care.

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