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I am looking into birthing classes and saw the Born Free option. I would REALLY prefer to go non-medicated during the birth of our son, however, I am also not looking to be a hero. I am wondering if it would be frowned upon if I proceeded as if I was going to go the non-medication route, but then got the epidural anyway if something went wrong? (I realize this already makes me sound as if I am a quitter!) Based on this, would you recommend the Born Free or the typical birthing classes?
Thanks for any words of wisdom!

Our doula program is designed to provide the support you need in labor and delivery. We do not expect heros. We want every patient to work towards their desired birth with an open mind and the physical and emotional support from the team they have chosen. I can't begin to tell you how many moms decide an Epidural is the right option at some point during their experience. You will make the right decision for you when the time comes and we would love to be part of your support team. We will encourage you to go as far as you can but keep in mind this is your birth not ours and our goal is to make sure you feel educated and comfortable along the way. The Born Free class is wonderful for patients like you who would like the non-medicated approach but are keeping an open mind. One of our Birth Doulas teaches the class and she is wonderful. We run a no pressure program. Best of luck and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns in te future.

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