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- The Pediatric Combined Care Unit is a model of care that merges emergency, observation, and in-patient care into one integrated setting. Opened in 2004, the Pediatric Combined Care Unit sees approximately 10,000 children a year in the ED setting and approximately 1200 children are admitted to in-patient/observation. We are open 24/7 and provide high quality care to patients from birth to age 18. Our caregivers include 7 Board-Certified pediatricians and 20 pediatric nurses certified both in Pediatric Advanced Life Saving (PALS), and Emergency Pediatric Nurse Core Curriculum (ENPC). The average length of stay time in the Peds ED for serious conditions (those patients who require significant work-ups, admission, or transfer) is 180 minutes, and for less serious conditions, 120 minutes, below national averages for similar institutions.

Available in-house for our pediatric patients are Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, and Pediatric Surgery. Our Pediatric Surgeons are known to be among the best in the state. For new breast-feeding mothers with sick infants, our nurses along with lactation experts provided breast-feeding support throughout the infant's hospital stay. For babies who are readmitted after discharge from the nursery or NICU, our neonatologists will provide their ongoing expertise if needed. Available by phone consultation for our pediatric patients are Pediatric Neurology, Neurosurgery, Pulmonary, Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology, and Infectious Diseases. We have a standing affiliation with Johns Hopkins Pediatric Cardiology and are able to obtain rapid readings of Echocardiograms. We also have a psychiatrist or psychologist available on a daily basis to see Pediatric patients in psychiatric crisis. For those patients in need of a higher level of care in a tertiary hospital, our physician-nurse teams are experts in rapidly stabilizing and transporting patients. In fact, we are consistently told by these institutions that our management of these severely ill patients has been outstanding.

Some of the particular strengths of our Pediatric Unit include our philosophy of Image Gently, where considerable thought is given to appropriate use of any imaging that involves ionizing radiation. For example, our first line of evaluation for appendicitis is ultrasound, and we are able to diagnose this condition via this modality in > 50% of cases. By following the recommendations of PECARN, Pediatric Emergency Care Associated Research Network, we have been able to reduce the percentage of pediatric patients who undergo Head CT for evaluation of minor closed head trauma from 50% to 12 % without missing any diagnosis of intracranial bleeding.

Another strength of our Pediatric Combined Care Unit is our focus on the alleviation of pain, the acute pain derived from trauma and illness as well as the pain that can be associated with procedures conducted as part of emergency evaluation and treatment. Our repertoire of medications for management of pain include intra-nasal medications that can be rapidly administered and feel like a nose spray to the child, oral medications in liquid and tablet form, and a variety of IV medications that can be used in combination as needed. Topical numbing agents are useful for patients requiring stitches, abscess incision and drainage, among other indications. For more invasive procedures or those that require immobility our pediatricians are credentialed to provide both moderate and deep sedation.

If your child is acutely ill, or has any medical needs beyond what can be provided in the home or a Pediatrician's office, GBMC Pediatrics would be honored to provide your child and your family with our outstanding care. Please contact the Director of the Pediatric Unit, Dr. Melissa Sparrow, if you have further questions,

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