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Where Do I Park On Orientation Day & Where Do I Go?

New Employee Orientation is located in the South Chapman Building, 6545 N. Charles Street.  All attendees of New Employee Orientation will park in the Tulip Garage on the day of orientation.

  1. All employees, including those who will be working off-site (Hunt Manor, Owings Mills, etc.) will park in Tulip Garage for orientation Monday. 
  2. To access the Tulip Garage for parking on the day of New Employee Orientation, please enter the campus from the Sheppard Pratt entrance. Go past the main entrance to GBMC and the entrance to Sheppard Pratt is the next entrance on your left.  You will see a small gray stone building. Follow this winding road around until you come to a stop sign. Make a left at the stop sign, take a ticket from the ticket booth to raise the bar to enter the campus (you will not have to pay to exit the campus). The Tulip Garage is immediately on your right.  Enter the garage and continue through the garage until you come to the roof level. This is the designated parking level for those who attend new employee orientation. Take the elevator to level 3. 

    To get to the South Chapman Building you can either exit left from the elevator and walk through the 3rd level of the garage to the exit and follow the white/black signs directing you to South Chapman, or exit right from the elevator and go to the hallway and make your first left through PP North Building exit the sliding doors and follow the white/black signs to South Chapman. The South Chapman Building is directly across from the Tulip Garage; however, entrance to the building is on the opposite end of the building. You will see a flat parking lot in front of the building, please DO NOT PARK on this lot. The building will have large white lettering (6545 N. Charles Street, South Chapman).  
  3. You will be informed on orientation day where you will be required to park going forward. 

  4. If you have completed the card with the information pertaining to the car you will be driving to work your parking sticker will be available on orientation day.
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