Free Campus Wifi

Laptop is open

GBMC is pleased to offer our patients, their loved ones and visitors free wireless Internet access while on our campus.

Getting Started:

Most laptops will pick up the wireless connection once you turn them on. If yours does not, follow the instructions here to use the service

To search for and connect to the wireless network please choose from one of the following operating systems:

General FAQs:

What if my laptop is not wireless compatible?
Many new laptops already come with built-in Wi-Fi capability to allow for wireless access on your laptop. If you computer is not Wi-Fi compatible, you will need to purchase a wireless adapter. Please note that GBMC does not provide wireless adapters.

What can I do if I can't get connected to the network?
Verify that your laptop has wireless capabilities and that it is enabled. Then, try following the Getting Started instructions again. If the wireless networking device on your laptop does not automatically detect our Kiosk network, manually type Kiosk into the appropriate field within your utility and try connecting to it that way.

Where is wireless access available?
Wireless access is available on most areas of our campus except in some physician offices.

What can I access through the wireless network?
You will have access to all public sites available through the GBMC Internet connection. However, not all web sites are accessible through the GBMC Internet connection.

Can I print from my laptop?
No, printing is not supported from your laptop to any GBMC printer.

Can I use a hospital computer to access the Internet?
No, we are unable to offer computers to our patients. Please use your laptop for Internet access.

Where can I store my laptop?
GBMC is unable to take responsibility for laptop storage or damaged and missing belongings. Please keep your laptop with you at all times or store in a safe location.


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