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I have IBS based on three colonoscopies that showed no serious IBD issues.  I have tried the following medications hycosomine, dicylcomine, librax. The medicines provided very little relief and caused other issues like water stool and weight loss. I am a 43 year old male and now weight 126lbs. I was 145lbs. I feel weak with no appetite. please advise.

The key to management of IBS is a healthy diet and control of stress.  We are concerned about your weight loss.  Please see your primary care physician about this.  We would be happy to see you if this would be of help. To reach our GI specialists, please call: 443-849-3400.

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David Saltzberg, MD

How do you decide who may have a virtual colonoscopy?
Virtual colonoscopy is for that patients that cannot tolerate sedations, have a complicated history of abdominal surgeries, hernias, and have had difficulty with colonoscopy. If you have further questions, feel free to call GBMC's Kroh Center for Digestive Disorders at 443-849-2606.

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I had segmoid resection and had incisional hernia repaired, but it still has a large lump on the left side and I am having problems having bowel movements. Should I go back to the doctor again?

I would recommend you see the surgeon again and see a gastroenterologist for the difficulty in having a bowel movement.

We would be happy to see you in our office at 443-849-3400.


Dr. Jani

I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome a couple years ago. Every now and then, I have severe flair-ups. Severe stomach pain, going to the bathroom several times in a very short time. I do take fiber tablets and eat a fiber bar once a day to help regulate it but I still get severe flair-ups. When it gets bad, I get cold, feel like I'm gonna throw up, and very itchy all over my body.

I also get upset stomach if I eat a meal after I haven't eaten for a long time. Is this normal with IBS or is there something else going on? I have to take it day-by-day and at times when it's severe, I've almost went to the ER because it gets bad.
With your history of IBS , I would be careful with how much fiber you are taking in since it may cause more bloating, gas, and diarrhea.  A simple anti-spasmodic may help.   Probiotics can also be helpful.  Certain foods may trigger your IBS symptoms such as fried foods, spicy foods, heavy, fatty foods.
I would highly recommend you set up an appointment with our group to further explore your options.  Thank You
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Dr. Jani


I have the following symptoms which have developed within the past couple days:

- Constipation (pushing during bowel movement on several occasions)

- Fresh Blood on Toilet Paper after Bowel Movement

- Sometimes Blood on Toilet Paper without Bowel Movement

- Occasional Cramping (sometimes severe) and I am not menstruating.

- Can't tell if there is blood in the Fecal Matter, however I believe I have seen blood on it.

I do not have a Primary Care Physician. I have had a OB/GYN appointment in Oct. My OB/GYN does an internal rectal exam and did not disclose any issues (assuming she didn't have any to disclose). With these symptoms should I make an appointment with a Gastroenterologist?
The only way in which to determine the cause and appropriate treatment of your symptoms is to seek an evaluation by a gastroenterologist.  Please call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Niraj Jani.  The number for the office is:  443-849-2606.

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My doctor diagnosed a sporatic colon. I have been either backed up or just the opposite. There is no relief in between. I was taking two doses of Dulcolax Balance a day. I had a colonoscopy and all was o.k. I started with watery and loose bowels that would just come on out of nowhere. My doctor had me cut back the Dulcolax to one tablespoon per day. Now just the opposite...I can't go. I have taken Dulcolax laxative pills twice and still no luck. When I do go it's very little and still very loose or soft. Never normal. What else can I do?

Thank you so much for submitting your GI question to GBMC's Ask an Expert.  This type of question requires an actual consultation with one of our physicians.  When you get a chance, please call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Niraj Jani.  The number for the office is:  443-849-2606.

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What is the purpose of a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy helps detect abnormalities such as bleeding sites, polyps, inflammations or tumors. Biopsies may be taken to determine the presence of Colitis/Crohn's disease, to detect cancer or remove polyps.


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