Preliminary Year

The preliminary year at GBMC is highly sought after by graduates from prestigious medical schools including Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland or those seeking specialty residencies in those institutions. We are pleased with the future success of our preliminary graduates

Our many advantages include: a high quality work environment, excellent ancillary services, reasonable work load, personal attention from the faculty, and a bread and butter pathology mix -- ideal for introducing future specialists to a wide breadth of typical medical problems. Our location on the intersection of Baltimore's beltway and a major north south highway brings us diverse patients from rural Pennsylvania, downtown Baltimore, and the diverse suburban communities that circle the beltway.

We differ from other community programs in our academic rounds structure. In particular, the majority of patients are managed by the GBMA faculty, synthesizing teaching and care and minimizing multi-physician coordination. Our Preliminary residents enjoy 14 weeks of elective time during which they have complete freedom to design their experience.

Celebration!Additional benefits include complimentary continental breakfast and an on-call meal stipend. Our residents have access to multiple electronic resources, including Uptodate, as well as a brand new full-service medical library. Unlike many Baltimore programs, GBMC offers free covered parking with tunneled access to the hospital. Our stipends are also competitive, matching the institution's goal to be a workplace of choice.






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