Scholarship 3We are very proud of the scholarly accomplishments of our residents. GBMC residents have presented their work at regional, national, and international meetings. Examples include case reports, original basic science and clinical research, quality improvement projects, and reports of innovations in medical education. Our residents have also published in prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals.

We offer support of our residents' scholarly work in numerous ways. We help them identify a faculty mentor either at our institution or at one of the local university hospitals. Many of our residents have worked closely on research projects with Johns Hopkins or University of Maryland faculty.  We allow our residents to use elective time to work on their projects. We provide our residents with outstanding library and media services to help their presentations come to life. We offer funding for residents to travel to meetings when they are presenting. To demonstrate our commitment to resident scholarship, we award a monetary Scholarship Prize at the end of the academic year to the resident with the most scholarly achievements.

Scholarship 2

GBMC Internal Medicine Scholarship Prize 

2007-2008  Dr. Boonsong Kiangkitiwan 

2008-2009  Dr. Boonsong Kiangkitiwan

2009-2010  Dr. Raman Palabindala

2010-2011 Dr. Raman Palabindala

2011-2012 Dr. Raman Palabindala

2012-2013 Dr. Nyan Latt



Faculty Scholarship  

Scholarship 4Scholarship 1The core GBMC faculty have been active in scholarly projects as well, including medical education research, quality improvement projects, and medical genetics research. Our faculty's work has been presented at regional, national, and international meetings and published in peer-reviewed journals. Several faculty members serve as reviewers for national and international medical journals and review abstract submissions for national meetings. The faculty's participation in this wide array of scholarly work better allow them to mentor our residents toward success in research.



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