Yearly Schedule

Anticipated for incoming intern Class of 2015-2016






Faculty-Resident Service

19-20 weeks

16-17 weeks

2 months

2 months


13-14 weeks

9-10 weeks

3 months

1 month

Cardiology Consults   3 weeks    
Johns Hopkins Bayview Cardiology     1 month  

Emergency Room




1 month





2 weeks

Ambulatory Medicine



 2 weeks

Medical Clinic   4 weeks** 4 weeks** 4 weeks**

Neurology (at Johns Hopkins Hospital)



1 month


Senior House Officer




1 month

Managed Care Office Practice




1 month



3 weeks





 3 weeks

1 month

1 month


15 weeks

8 weeks

10 weeks

8 weeks

Vacation (Paid time off)

4 weeks

4 weeks*

4 weeks

4 weeks


* Plus one additional week at the end of the year.  Preliminary interns are released from their contracts one week early to allow them time to move on to their next endeavor.

**Plus as needed visits 15-30 per year.  Click here for information on the ambulatory experience.

On average all residents have a 24-hour period without clinical duties per week.  Total weekly hours average 68 for all call rotations. No individual rotation averages greater than 80 hours per week.

The above schedule is subject to change as approved by faculty and residents.


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