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Should children take a multi-vitamin everyday?

Dr. Tim Doran (Chairman of Pediatrics at GBMC) interview on Fox 45's "Take Action Thursday" discussing back-to-school precautions and tips for parents about vitamins and nutrition.

Family 411 - Autism and Vaccines

Tim Doran, M.D., Chairman of Pediatrics at GBMC, was a guest on WBFF FOX 45 Morning News on May 8th discussing a new CDC study that shows there is no link between vaccines and autism in children. This is the latest of more than 20 studies, what Dr. Doran called "settled science", that shows the same results. Vaccines have been very effective in the last few decades in almost entirely eliminating diseases such as polio, and today's vaccines have very few antigens. There is likely a genetic link for autism, and some children appear to be predisposed, but the medical community is still studying why this affects some children.

"Screen Time", How Much Is Too Much?

Did your child or grandchild get a new tech toy for the holidays? How much time in front of a computer, TV screen, tablet, etc is too much time for a kid? Tim Doran, M.D., GBMC's Chairman of Pediatrics, was interviewed on this topic recently for a Family 411 segment on WBFF/FOX 45.

Childhood Vaccines

GBMC's Tim Doran, M.D., Chairman of Pediatrics, was a guest Monday, November 26, 2012 on Fox 45 Morning News discussing childhood vaccination and herd immunity. Dr Doran stressed the importance of following standard guidelines for vaccinating children.

Halloween Safety Tips For FOX45 "Take Action Thursday"

Rachel Plotnick, M.D., a pediatrician with the Charles Street Pediatrics practice at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, was a guest on FOX45 Morning News on October 25th discussing Halloween safety tips for the station's"Take Action Thursday" segment.

Dr Doran Offers Perspective on Gardasil

GBMC's Chairman of Pediatrics Tim Doran, M.D., spoke with FOX45 Good Day Baltimore on Wednesday, October 3 about Gardasil, the vaccine that protects from four strains of HPV, and its effectiveness. A new study, published in the journal Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, looks at Gardasil use by nearly 190,000 girls and women ages 9 to 26, citing it as safe with only some mild short-term side effects.

Don't Wake a Sleeping Baby!

What are the best ways to get a baby to go to sleep? Should parents be concerned if their infant isn't sleeping well? GBMC pediatrician Rachel Plotnick, M.D. discussed this issue recently with WMAR-ABC2.

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