Nursing Competencies

Agency Orientation

Mandatory Nursing Competencies & Information Packets

Please review the following Self Learning Packets and complete the corresponding post-tests. Make sure to click below the final question in the test so it is graded correctly at the bottom of the screen. Many of the tests are short but require a grade of 100% to qualify as passing.

After passing a post-test, click on "File" (from toolbar at top of screen) then "Print." A certificate will print for each passed test. These certificates should be handed in to your agency. There are a total of 8 post-tests that should be turned in. You must do this before you will be allowed to begin work at GBMC.

Agency RN Orientation - Basic Information
(there is no test for this Self Learning Packet)
IV Therapy Self Learning Packet
IV Therapy Post-test
Pain Management Self Learning Packet
Pain Management Tools Handout
Pain Management Post-test
Documentation Self Learning Packet
Documentation Post-test
Medication Administration and Pharmacy Services Self Learning Packet
Medication administration and Pharmacy Services Post-test
Infection Control Self Learning Packet
Infection Control Post-test
Surestep Flexx Glucose Monitor Self Learning Packet
Surestep Flexx Glucose Monitor Post-test
Restraints Self Learning Packet
Restraints Post-test
Blood Transfusions Self Learning Packet
Blood Transfusions Post-test
Bloodborne Pathogens Self Learning Packet
Bloodborne Pathogens Post-test

Abuse Self Learning Packet
Abuse Post-test


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