Newborn nurseryNewborn Care at GBMC

GBMC is fully committed to a family-centered approach to newborn care. Following delivery, every baby of 36-weeks or greater who is without complications will remain with the mother prior to transfer to the Newborn Nursery for routine assessment and care. Help with the baby's first feedings, begins in the Labor-Delivery Room (LDR).  Twenty-four hour rooming-in is available, but the baby may return to the Nursery whenever the parents wish.

Newborn Nursery (NBN)

  • 60 beds
  • Provides routine care for healthy newborn babies.
  • The unit provides ongoing assessment of the normal newborn including hearing tests, lactation consultation, bilirubin screening, and state metabolic screening tests
  • Staffed by registered nurses, nursing support technicians, nurse helpers, clinical nursing students, unit secretaries, clinical manager and clinical partner
  • Services are provided twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week

Nurse holding a newborn

Healthy newborns are cared for in their mother's room or in the Newborn Nursery, which is located adjacent to the rooms of obstetrical patients on the 2nd Level. The Newborn Nursery has a capacity of 60 bassinettes. 

Infants who require additional monitoring may be cared for in the Transition Nursery physically located within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Unit 47 on the 4th Floor. Infants admitted to the Transition Nursery may be cared there for a maximum of six hours. By the end of this time the infant will wither  return to the Newborn Nursery or the mother's room, or will be admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

We strongly encourage you to choose a pediatrician prior to the delivery of your baby.  If your pediatrician does not have privileges at GBMC, a member of the Division of Neonatology will perform your baby's newborn exam, follow-up exams and discharge exam.

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