Nursing Recognition Program
Nursing is often referred to as the art of science, knowledge and caring. At GBMC HealthCare, we celebrate nursing and each of its components through our nursing recognition program, titled "The Art of Nursing."

In July, staff members throughout the GBMC HealthCare system were invited to apply for or nominate a colleague or team for any of six nursing awards. Numerous worthy submissions for the 2016 awards were received for each category and reviewed by the Nursing Recognition Committee.

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Congratulations to the following members of GBMC HealthCare's nursing staff for receiving the inaugural awards!

Diversity in Nursing:
Marcus Nicholson, MSN, MBA, RN - Emergency Department (ED)

"In a time and a country where cultural bias is witnessed on a daily basis, Marcus is opening new doors and encouraging staff to walk through," says Marcus' nominator in summary of Marcus' efforts with the ED team. Upon joining GBMC, Marcus immediately began breaking down hierarchical and cultural barriers within the group. Marcus' efforts have reinvigorated ED staff, which is now more diverse and culturally aware than ever before, thanks in large part to Marcus' advocacy of open discussion as well as unique interviewing techniques that allow the hiring team to see a glimpse of the "real person" applying for the job. In addition to his work on this front, he is also leading the way in breaking down barriers inter-departmentally, with a strong focus on the ED's partnership with Environmental Services. He actively and respectfully works to include the EVS team in ongoing attempts to meet the standards for cleanliness in the ED.

Mrs. H. Norman Baetjer Jr. Nursing Graduate of the Year:
Alex Maynard, RN - Nurse Registry - General Operating Room

Alex Maynard "has proven that new nurse graduates cannot only impress as they are orienting but come off orientation and hit the ground running." Described by coworkers with terms such as "well-rounded," "compassionate," "sensible," "flexible" and "motivated," Alex is known for the calm and reassuring presence he offers patients, providing truly evidenced patient-centered care. He maintains good eye contact with patients and their families, while also getting down on their level when they are sitting. He takes time to explain what patients can expect throughout their OR experience and is a skilled listener. His initiative and self-motivation drive him to continuously learn new procedures, take on complex cases and offer support whenever or wherever his team needs him.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care:
Delores Williams, RN - Gilchrist Services

As a home hospice nurse, Delores Williams has mastered the art of care planning side-by-side with patients and family members, "meeting them exactly where they are." Her nominator says, "She knows how to establish trust and rapport even with patients and families who have a lot of fear about the healthcare system in general, and more specifically, about death and dying." In addition to drawing upon her gentle nature, sometimes firm honesty, impeccable timing and tireless energy to revisit issues repeatedly if needed, she utilizes visual pictures in addition to written materials to explain care needs. She physically demonstrates how to give medications, reposition the patient and provide wound care as well as any other care needs. She thinks "outside the box," and does everything she can to engage with her patients and families, from sharing recipes and stories, to singing and laughing with them. Her dedication to collaborative, team-oriented care in the hospice setting ensures that all of her patients and their families receive the highest quality care and support they need. Delores' nominator shared a letter from a grateful family member whose mother had "cancer, diabetes, moderate dementia and a strong will to live." The family member summarizes, "Delores Williams spent 14 months with us and turned a sad, sad time into a beautiful, meaningful time. She made all the difference."

Nurse Clinician of the Year:
Linda Young, RN, CNOR - General Operating Room (GOR)

"One of GBMC's finest." A "trailblazer." These are terms used to describe Linda Young, who has been a GBMC nurse for 24 years. Although her "niche" is in Bariatric and Thoracic services, Linda has become known over the years as an invaluable resource across all services lines in the GOR. With a dedication to continuous learning and understanding of patients and the latest surgical advancements, Linda effectively shares her wealth of knowledge with nurses, both new and veteran, gaining satisfaction from helping others succeed. A notable characteristic of Linda is her desire to facilitate seamless procedures for patients, doctors and staff, alike. She has created guides to demonstrate how to use equipment for her service properly, safely and efficiently. She arrives early to set up for cases and prep staff handling those cases in advance, making her team more comfortable and putting their minds at ease. Her nursing expertise earned her an invitation to speak at the 2016 annual Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) conference, where she presented a GBMC-sponsored study related to skin breakdown risk assessments for Bariatric patients.

Clinical Assistant Support:
Samantha Clayton, MA - GBMC at Hunt Manor

When it comes to follow-up and follow-through, Samantha Clayton excels. As a medical assistant, she actively participates in weekly Patient-Centered Medical Home meetings, identifies patients who need preventative care measures, such as mammograms, colonoscopies and vaccinations and makes contacts with patients to ensure they receive these potentially life-saving services. Her nominator describes her clearly as "one to count on." Her nominator goes on to compliment Samantha's self motivation, ability to accept change and take on challenges. Her persistence with promoting screenings and preventative care has saved lives. In one specific instance, Samantha noted that a patient had not received a mammogram for several years and also had not gotten the mammogram once the order for a mammogram was provided. She continued following up with the patient, expressing the importance of the screening. Samantha received a call after the patient had received the mammogram to thank her for being persistent and for actually saving her life: the mammogram showed early-stage breast cancer. As her nominator states, "If Sam had given up on this patient, her breast cancer may not have been caught until it was too late. Sam's level of care and follow through truly made a difference in this patient's life."

Nursing Evidence-Based Practice:
Roxann Cavey, BSN, RN, and Nicola Wagner, RN, Medical Intensive Care Unit

Roxann Cavey and Nicola Wagner show their dedication to instilling the arts of science and knowledge into nursing. Together, they studied sleep hygiene in adult patients in the medical intensive care unit. The evidence indicated that better sleep in the Intensive Care Unit patient population can potentially lead to decreased length of stay and decreased delirium. The team worked to create inclusion and exclusion guidelines as well as what interventions should be included in the sleep hygiene protocol, such as rescheduling lab draws, rethinking the timing of medications, lowering alarm volumes, etc., to promote better sleep. Physicians, nursing, patients and medical staff were educated on the sleep hygiene protocol. The results regarding quality of sleep on no sleep hygiene protocol versus those while on the sleep hygiene protocol indicated significant improvement of quality sleep in patients who were eligible for the protocol.

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