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Pediatric Speech and Swallowing 
6569 North Charles Street
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Baltimore, MD 21204

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
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What is a speech-language pathologist?

Speech-language pathologists diagnose and provide treatment for children and adults with a variety of speech-language, cognitive, voice, and feeding/ swallowing problems.

Typical Family Concerns:

Speech/ Articulation:
  • I can't understand what my child is saying most of the time.
  • My child seems to have trouble saying certain sounds correctly.
Receptive Language (Understanding of Language): 
  • My child doesn't understand me most of the time.
  • My child has difficulty understanding directions.
  • The teacher says my child has difficulty rhyming and hearing differences between sounds.
  • My child doesn't seem interested in stories... I am not sure he/she understands the story.
Expressive Language (Speaking):
  • My child doesn't seem to talk as much as other children his/her age.
  • My child only says a few words... is that normal?
  • My child has difficulty answering questions.
  • Why is my child's voice hoarse?
  • My child's talks so loudly all the time... can this hurt the voice box?
  • My child is stuttering... is that normal?
Written Language (Reading and Writing):
  • My child has trouble sounding out words.
  • My child has trouble understanding what he/she has read.
  • My child has trouble organizing thoughts and writing them down.
Attention and Memory - Thinking Skills:
  • My child has trouble following directions.
  • My child doesn't seem to remember things.
  • My child's attention span seems very short.
Tongue Thrust:
  • Is it normal for my child to push his/her tongue out when speaking?
  • The dentist said my child has a tongue thrust and needs treatment before braces.
Feeding/ Swallowing:
  • I have trouble feeding my child.
  • My child is having problems transitioning from a bottle to table food.
  • My child has difficulty sucking through a straw or taking food from a spoon.
  • My child seems to resist certain types of food.
  • My child chokes, gags and coughs a lot during meals.
  • My child drools a lot - saliva and during meals.
  • My child spits up a lot during and after meals.

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