Your First Appointment - Physical/Occupational Therapy

Your First Appointment - Physical/Occupational TherapyPopulation Served

Patients of any age are served.  They are referred with conditions including but not limited to the following:  musculoskeletal disorders, neuromuscular disorders, orthopedic disorders/fracture, neurological disorders, inflammatory disorders, acute/chronic pain, weakness/deconditioning, trauma, prematurity, and cancer.  Evaluation and treatment are individualized, based on age-related needs.

Patient Evaluation/Reevaluation/Treatment

The patient evaluation/reevaluation is the framework for decision-making based on the analysis of specific information.  The evaluation/reevaluation is a written format that guides the treatment plan and justifies the treatment services provided.  The basis of the evaluation is a review of pertinent medical record documents, interview of the patient/family/caregivers, as appropriate, and then a systematic objective assessment of specific parameters, including but not limited to strength, mobility, pain, and functional status. Following the assessment, short and long-term goals are developed and discussed with the patient, seeking their agreement with the goals.  A plan of occupational therapy care is developed, based on the assessment with the number of treatment sessions indicated.  Reevaluation of the patient's status is performed, as needed, particularly when there is a change in medical or functional status, and or diagnosis.  Reevaluations are also conducted 14 days after the initial evaluation.

Referral/Discharge Criteria

Written referrals are made by the attending physician or house staff when there is a need appears an evaluation and/or treatment.  Discharge from occupational therapy services is determined by discharge criteria and attainment of short-term goals and long-term goals in coordination with the recommendations of the interdisciplinary team and referring physician.

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