• Q. What are the admission requirements?
    A. The Admissions Committee will look at such qualifications as:
    ·  Required prerequisite courses are as follows:
    ·  Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II (to include a lab)
    ·  College Algebra
    ·  English Composition or Public Speaking
    ·  Introduction to Computers
    ·  All courses must be three or more college credits
    ·  Applicants must have received a "C" average or higher in each course
    ·  Experience in a hospital or health care setting (not required)
    ·  Results of a personal interview with the Admission Committee
    ·  Meeting the physical standards for admission by passing the hospital's physical examination requirements.


  • Q. What is the admission procedure?
    A. Candidates must send the application, properly completed to:
     Director, School of Radiography
     Greater Baltimore Medical Center
     6701 N. Charles Street
     Baltimore, Maryland  21204
          Transcripts of college grades are required. Transcripts can be
          forwarded directly from the educational institution or included with application. Official transcripts only are
          accepted. Please inform us if your transcripts are identified by any other name
         (example: maiden name).


  • Q. Is there an application fee?
    A. Yes, a check for twenty five dollars payable to the Greater Baltimore Medical Center
         must be remitted with the application. This fee is not refundable, so before you apply
         read the minimum pre-requisites for admission carefully and make sure you meet


  • Q. What is the enrollment process?
    A. Applications and transcripts are reviewed to determine that minimum requirements are
         met. If the applicant has not met the minimum requirements, the school will send a
         letter informing the applicant of their deficiencies. If the applicant has met the
         minimum requirements, he/she will be scheduled for a personal interview with the
         school faculty. After all interviews are held, the Admission Committee will select the
         most qualified applicants to begin the program. All applicants will receive a letter
         from the school informing them of the Admissions Committee decision. Applicants
         will be accepted and processed beginning in October preceding the August   


  • Q. Is financial aid available?
    A. The school is NOT an eligible institution for Pell Grants and does not participate in
         Student Loan Programs.


  • Q. When is the application deadline?
    A. The school will process applications as they arrive. The school will continue to accept
         applications and supporting documents until enrollment is complete. 


  • Q. When do classes begin?
    A. Classes begin the second Monday in August. The school only accepts one class per   
         year, so it is recommended that applicants apply early to receive consideration.
         Applications for each August class are accepted and reviewed beginning in October  
         preceding the August enrollment.


  • Q. How many students are in each class?
    A. The radiography program is competitive and student capacity is limited. Each year
         only 10 - 12 students are accepted. This is why it is very important that before you
         apply you must be certain that you meet the minimum pre-requisites for the program.


  • Q. Can I enter the program on a part-time basis?
    A. No. The program is based on full-time study (40 hours/week). The usual day for
         students is 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. In the second year, limited
         evening (1:30 - 9:30 pm) assignments are required.


  • Q. Is there an age limit?
    A. Yes. Maryland State Law requires that the student by 18 years of age within 6 months
         of the enrollment date. A student entering the program in August must turn 18 on or
         before the following March 1st after starting the program (i.e. You must be 17 ½ years
         old to be in this program).


  • Q. How will I know if I am accepted?
    A. Those candidates who are accepted are formally notified by mail.


  • Q. What is the tuition cost?
    A. The tuition for the 23 month program is $8,000.00. One year (or $4,00.00) of the
         tuition is due by August 1st prior to entering.


  • Q. What are the other costs in the program?
    A. Each student must purchase textbooks and uniforms for the program. These costs are
         approximately $1,200.00. There is approximately $200.00 needed for miscellaneous
         fees in the program.


  • Q. Are there parking charges at GBMC?
    A. No. Currently, parking is free at GBMC for students, but the student will be required
        to pay parking fees when traveling to other facilities as required for their clinical



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