Survivorship FAQs

What survivorship services can I expect at GBMC?

The Survivorship Coordinator and other members of the Survivorship team will work with you to identify areas where you can make positive changes in your life. Among other benefits, you can expect help dealing with the fear that your cancer might come back, as well as other emotions you may be experiencing as a result of your diagnosis. You can also expect help with:

  • Managing some of the side effects of cancer treatment including physical and body image concerns
  • Regaining your physical strength and tips on how to live as actively as possible
  • Making positive changes in your diet and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Learning to live fully and dealing with concerns you might have if returning to work

What can cancer survivors expect to learn post-treatment?

  • How progress will be tracked in the future, to watch for cancer spread, recurrence or new cancers
  • What side/late effects of treatment to expect
  • Lifestyle changes to make to prevent new cancers or lower risk

What are some services that can be provided post-treatment?

Along with a summary of cancer diagnosis and treatments, patients will be offered:

  • Assistance organizing and coordinating care between all providers and specialists
  • Assistance with other practical areas such as finances, work and legal
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