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Fender Music and Voice Studio

Singing the Praises of the Johns Hopkins Voice Center at GBMC
The Johns Hopkins Voice Center located at GBMC's Milton J. Dance, Jr. Head & Neck Surgery Center is hitting the right notes as it mends damaged voices with a little help from Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Read the full article featured on The Baltimore Sun.

GBMC center offers relief for voice, swallowing issues
Johns Hopkins Voice Center is newest GBMC addition
Elementary school teacher Theresa Wenck is finding her singing voice again inside a brand new studio on the hospital's campus. Over the winter, chronic laryngitis led to a more serious diagnosis for the chorus teacher, who was constantly singing and talking over her students. "I learned that I had a vocal hemorrhage that should have repaired itself with vocal rest, but unfortunately I needed to have surgery," Wenck said.  She went to the Johns Hopkins Voice Center at GBMC, the newest addition to a comprehensive treatment facility that provides a one-stop shop for patients of all ages suffering from voice or swallowing issues. For the musicians, they can come sit in our music room, playing whatever instrument they want while they're singing and show us whatever problem they're having. Same thing for our music teachers," said laryngologist Dr. Kenneth C. Fletcher.  LEARN MORE

New Treatment Center At GBMC Mending Broken Voices
Mending broken voices. That’s the specialty of a new treatment center opening at GBMC.
This music studio is only one part of the Johns Hopkins Voice Center at GBMC. There’s also high-tech medicine.  “The idea is showing the patient this is what your vocal chords look like,” said Dr. Chuck Fletcher, Johns Hopkins Voice Center. “Your voice is just this great instrument, but it’s complicated and certainly can go bad in different ways.”  LEARN MORE

Fender Music and Voice Studio

Hopkins, Fender open new voice center at GBMC
The best hospital around is teaming up with a company that made guys like Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison and Stevie Ray Vaughn house-hold names.  The Johns Hopkins and GBMC’s Voice Center got together with Fender Music to create the Fender Music and Voice Studio.  LEARN MORE

GBMC Unveils Voice Therapy Music Studio
The Maryland Daily Record, May 7, 2014


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