Volunteer Programs

GBMC Offers It All! 

At GBMC, our volunteers are an extension of our hospital staff and provide support throughout the hospital.  To ensure that we have secured the right opportunities for the right people, we are committed to matching the skills and talents of prospective volunteers to the needs of the hospital.  GBMC offers three distinct volunteer programs -- one for adults interested in year-round opportunities, a college program for students interested in devoting time during a school semester and a summer high school program.  Please be aware that this is a selective process; we are unable to accept every applicant.

These programs offer a full range of volunteering options from direct patient interaction* to non-patient responsibilities.  For instance, GBMC volunteers assist new patients entering the Medical Center and help patients upon discharge.  Some volunteers assist our medical unit staffs, act as liaisons for patients and their families during their hospital stay, or perform administrative and clerical tasks.  Other volunteers lead fund-raising projects and events such as our Nearly New sales or our Auxiliary-sponsored sales; some provide customer service in GBMC's Gift Shop or lend their expertise in our Boutique, while others share their artistic talents in flower arranging or offer spiritual support and emotional reassurance to patients and their families facing life's challenges.

Most opportunities are during business hours Monday through Friday.

Adult Program

This program is for adults who are willing to commit at least four hours each week for a minimum of a year.  There are several active volunteers who have been volunteering at GBMC since the doors were opened in 1965!  This adult program has approximately 250 adults who have volunteered at GBMC for over 5 years.  We would love to have you join this group.

College Student Program

GBMC has a number of volunteer positions for college, graduate or technical school students.  This popular program is an excellent opportunity for students interested in a medical career.  Students who are at least 18 years old and willing to commit to volunteering for a total of 40 hours (at least four hours each week over the course of a semester) are welcome to apply.   

In order to apply, please e-mail your request for an application in the month specified below depending on the semester that you plan to volunteer.  Include your name in the request and e-mail us at volunteer@gbmc.org.

Spring Semester - during December

Summer Semester - during April

Fall Semester - during July

High School Student Summer Program 

GBMC has offered high school students the opportunity to participate in its student volunteer program for many years.  Students must be at least 15 years old and completed the 9th grade in order to volunteer in the summer program.  Student volunteers gain documented community service hours required for graduation in a positive healthcare setting.  High school students volunteer a total of 60 hours; they volunteer 3 days a week, 4 hours a day for at least 5 weeks over a 7 week period.  High school students must request a packet by May 1 to be eligible for the summer program; informational packets are mailed in the spring.

I'm interested, now what? 

The first step is to contact GBMC's Volunteer Services Office at 443-849-2050 and request an application packet.  If we are not available when you call, you can leave a message with your name and address (please spell), your phone number and the appropriate program: adult or high school.  (College students: please see above for details on applying through e-mail.)    To read about what's next, click here to view the Three Steps to Becoming a Volunteer


"My volunteering experience allows me to work with a fun and diverse group of people and provides the opportunity to learn new skills."

* Due to guidelines set by healthcare regulatory agencies, patient care duties are limited; however, many assignments include patient interaction.


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