What attracts prospective volunteers to GBMC and why do they stay?

We are very proud that GBMC's volunteers serve more than 100,000 hours of service each year, and many volunteers have provided decades of continuous service to the hospital.  We often hear from our volunteers that the qualities that attracted them to GBMC and keep them here are as follows: our diverse volunteering opportunities; the professionalism, and detail related to the volunteer interviewing, training and orientation processes; and the overall friendly culture and service excellence practices instilled throughout the hospital.

How do I become a volunteer at GBMC?

The process involves three steps -- (1) application, (2) interview, and (3) mandatory requirements. Click here to learn more about each step and how you can become a volunteer.

What types of volunteer positions are available?

GBMC offers three volunteer programs -- one for adults for year-round involvement, one for college students during a semester and another for high school students during the summer months. All offer a full range of volunteer positions from direct patient assistance to non-patient responsibilities. Click here to learn more about our volunteer programs, or click here for an overview of volunteer options available.

What qualifications do I need to become a volunteer?

GBMC volunteers possess a commitment and desire to share their time, skills, and abilities to help others. Adult volunteer members must be at least 18 years old and are able to commit at least four hours each week.  College students must be at least 18 years old and commit at least four hours each week for a full semester.  High school students who have completed the 9th grade can apply for the summer volunteer program.  All volunteers must possess the necessary skills and abilities to work independently and perform the functions to which they are assigned.  Click here to learn about GBMC's volunteer programs.

Are there policies and/or regulations that I must adhere to as a volunteer?

At the orientation session, you will become fully acquainted with the policies and regulations with which volunteers must comply. On an annual basis, all active volunteers are required to complete written compliance tests, sign a confidentiality agreement, get a seasonal flu shot and participate in an assessment review based upon compliance regulations enforced by GBMC and set by its regulatory agencies.  Volunteers with patient contact must also have an annual TB test. 

Do I need to pay for parking when I volunteer?

No, volunteers do not pay to park at GBMC; a parking pass is provided for your interview.

What if an illness or other reasons prevent me from coming in on my assigned volunteer days?

You will need to contact the supervisor in your assigned area to notify him/her of your absence. This should be handled very promptly as a substitute may be required in your absence depending on the area affected.

What if I need to take a leave of absence from my volunteer position for an extended time due to illness or other reasons?

You just need to notify your assigned department and the Volunteer Services Department with the dates of your absence.

How do I reinstate my active volunteer status once I am able to return from a leave of absence?

You will need to contact the Volunteer Services Department and inform us of your date to return. If you have been on a medical leave of absence, verification from your physician that you are able to resume your volunteer duties is required.

Depending on the length of your absence, you may be required to attend an orientation session prior to returning to your volunteer role to bring you up to date on any new policies and/or procedures that may have been implemented.  Additionally, if you are beyond the compliance dates of your TB and/or safety tests, or other compliance issues, you will need to satisfy these requirements prior to returning to your volunteer position.


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