Where to Park at GBMC

Use the list below to find which parking lot you should use when visiting GBMC:

Anticoagulation Clinic Bluebell Park 
Breast Care Center Iris Park 
Civiletti Conference Center Iris Park
Corner Shop Rose Park
Diagnostic Center Iris Park 
Emergency Waiting Area Lily Park 
GOR Registration & Waiting Area Lily Park 
High Risk Obstetrics Unit Lily Park  
Hoover Services for Low Vision and Blindness Daffodil Park 
Human Genetics Lily Park 
Kroh Center for Digestive Disorders Iris Park 
Labor & Delivery Lily Park  
Main Entrance Rose Park 
NICU - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Lily Park 
Nursery Lily Park 
OB Registration Lily Park  
OB Waiting Area Lily Park  
Parent Education Lily Park  
Pediatrics Lily Park  
Physician Pavilion East Iris Park
Physician Pavilion North Tulip Park 
Physician Pavilion West Daffodil Park 
Postpartum Lily Park  
Radiation Oncology Center Bluebell Park 
Radiology  Rose Park
Sherwood Surgical Center Iris Park 
Sleep Center Bluebell Park 
Special Imaging Registration  Bluebell Park 
Spiritual Support Rose Park  
The Boutique Daffodil Park 
The Middendorf Consumer Library  Rose Park  
Urgent Care  Lily Park  
Volunteer Services Lily Park  
Women's Surgical Center Daffodil Park
Wound Care Center Lily Park 
Yaggy Atrium Lily Park 


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