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10 Guilt-Free Holiday Gifts

December 14, 2017
This year, consider giving gifts that will help your friends and family achieve, not defeat, their New Year’s Resolutions!

Water bottle — Encourage hydration with a quality, durable water bottle. Check online to find specialty water bottles, such as those with built-in water purifiers or fruit infusers. Be sure to choose a BPA-free model!

Sunglasses — Most people don’t think about sunglasses in the middle of winter, but proper UV protection is needed year-round. (Especially when bright white snow is reflecting off the ground on a sunny day!)

Moisturizer — A good moisturizer can help skin stay smooth and hydrated while fighting cracking, peeling and dryness. Consider a scented body butter or a light facial moisturizer. Bonus: Find one with SPF of at least 15.

Cookbook/Tablet holder — If your loved one is working hard to prepare healthy recipes, why not make it a little easier? Cookbook holders can hold cookbooks on your kitchen counter for easy recipe reading while you cook, and there are also stands designed to hold a tablet (such as an iPad) upright so you can read recipes straight from the web.

Red wine — Wine is a traditional gift that many people already enjoy; red wine provides the bonus benefit of vitamins and antioxidants. Tip: Make sure the recipient doesn’t have any health issue precluding him or her from imbibing responsibly.

Journal — Mental health experts state that journaling can help with managing stress and relieving negative emotions. Health benefits of journaling include reduction of anxiety and physical symptoms brought on by stress.

Cutting board — Some people don’t think to buy these for themselves, but you can never have too many cutting boards to slice, dice and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables. Bonus: Include seasonal fruits or vegetables with the gift!

Gift card to a natural grocery store — Sometimes visiting a new store can be intimidating. A gift card can encourage someone to try new, healthy things they might not normally buy.

Countertop grill — Indoor grills provide a way to enjoy meats without all the fat, and they provide a great amount of protein, too! They are also great in the winter months when venturing outside to the grill is not a favorable option.

Yoga mat — Giving a friend or family member a yoga mat may be just what they need to try a new class. If they are shy, consider pairing it with a yoga DVD or CD.

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