10 Reasons to Find "Dr. Right": The Benefits of Having a Primary Care Physician

March 11, 2011
Dr.Clara Anizoba, a physician at GBMC Medicine for Adults.
Dr.Clara Anizoba, a physician at GBMC Medicine for Adults.
Having a primary care physician is important for both individuals and families. Not only do they provide an avenue for good health, but they also give patients peace of mind. Below are 10 reasons to consider finding a primary care physician:
  1. PATIENTS CAN BE CONFIDENT that their doctor actually remembers them (as well as their families) and knows their medical history.
  2. PATIENTS BECOME FAMILIAR with office staff and vice versa.
  3. PRIMARY CARE DOCTORS FOCUS on prevention and wellness. Their goal is to keep patients healthy.
  4. RECEIVING PRIMARY MEDICAL CARE SAVES patients from spending extra time and money in Urgent Care or the Emergency Room.
  5. A PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR CAN HELP patients navigate the healthcare system.
  6. DOCTORS CAN SUGGEST SPECIALISTS who are a good fit for a patient’s individual needs and personality.
  7. MANY INSURANCE PROVIDERS REQUIRE patients to choose a primary care physician. In addition, some providers require patients to obtain referrals from a primary care physician in order to see specialists.
  8. A PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN MAY NOTICE PROBLEMS a patient isn’t yet aware of, such as high blood pressure. Catching these health issues early can prevent chronic conditions in the future.
  9. A PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN KNOWS what medical diseases/issues are happening or frequent in their community at any point in time.
  10. A PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR CAN HELP patients implement personal healthcare choices and achieve their individual health and fitness goals.
“In a nutshell, through a primary care physician, patients receive better, less expensive care,” says Mark Lamos, MD, an internal medicine physician at GBMC for more than 20 years and leader of the primary care side of GBMC’s physician enterprise, Greater Baltimore Medical Associates (GBMA). “These practices help improve the overall health of our community, focusing on preventive care rather than treating patients only after they’ve already gotten sick.”

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