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NICU Angels

September 1, 2016
When I was at week 29 of my pregnancy, I went into GBMC to have blood work done since my blood pressure was high and wasn't going down. I didn't feel stressed out and I wasn't worried. As the doctors did some blood work and routine tests, I just had this feeling that this wasn't going to be one of those times when I entered and exited and everything was okay. I was right.

The doctors told me that based on my protein count and blood pressure I had developed preeclampsia. Through a sonogram they also noticed I had developed IUGR (inner uterine growth restriction). Both of these are serious conditions and they landed me a bed in the high-risk unit.

The doctors stated my original due date of January 27, 2013, wasn't going to happen and that I could deliver at any time. My husband and I met with staff and doctors of the NICU and discussed what would happen if our son was born early. The laundry list of things that could go wrong was overwhelming. Thanksgiving night, at only 31 weeks into my pregnancy, everything went downhill and I ended up in labor and delivery. Still convinced I was going to hold out until I hit 32 weeks, the doctors and nurses said my stats weren't good and I would have to have a sonogram first thing on Black Friday morning. That morning, at 8:00 a.m., I had my sonogram and it showed our son was only receiving 0-50% blood from the placenta. The staff immediately scheduled me for an emergency C-section and started the preparation process for delivery.
Our family arrived and saw me before I went under the knife. At 31 weeks, 1lb 14oz, our son Xavier Eli Chin was born. I saw his small face and heard a small cry before they took him up to the NICU and was thrilled he was okay. That began the next phase in our journey: raising a NICU baby.
From kangaroo-ing to bathing, diaper changes, pumping and bottle feeding, the NICU nurses showed me how to care for our son. They set us up for success. I cry sitting here thinking about how hard they worked. I stayed long hours in the NICU and got to know the staff. Nurse Monica was amazing during the week and so was Nurse Kim, our weekend nurse. I will never forget how much they cared for our son when we weren't there. They taught us so much and showed love for a child who had a small survival rate. He had the deck stacked against him and he fought hard. The NICU nurses helped him in the fight and we are forever grateful. While being told by the doctors Xavier could be blind or deaf, or have a chromosomal or genetic disorder, we believed God had a plan. And He certainly did. God gave us angels in the NICU and they saved our son. They gave Xavier a chance, and for that we are so thankful.

My son just recently turned two years old. Xavier is just as feisty and active as he was in the NICU! He is talking, running, climbing, playing and constantly learning. He has a passion for construction vehicles (they are everywhere in our house!) and he loves Frozen.

We are forever grateful for the care we received at GBMC.
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