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A New Face of GBMC

September 2, 2021
Patients today face complex conditions, requiring the expertise of a team of medical specialists, but also a holistic approach where patients benefit from the presence and support of family, caregivers, and spiritual advisors.

The approach of The Promise Project starts with understanding who our patients are now and who they will be in the future, then building a facility to respond to that need.

A new, three-level inpatient facility will be constructed to deliver health, healing, and hope in a refreshed environment. It will also further strengthen our position as the premier space for patient care in the community, continue to attract the best medical staff, and meet changing needs of patients, especially those with serious illnesses.

A bold feature of this new addition will be 60 new patient rooms optimized to serve patients, families, medical teams, and caregivers. Medical teams will have room to gather and consult with each other while family and caregivers will have a comfortable space to be part of the healing process. With state-of-the-art equipment and technology readily accessible, this effective layout will minimize safety risks and enhance healing.

The new inpatient facility will also support an environment of hope for patients and visitors in the new Yvonne Kahlert Chapel and the beauty of nature experienced in the W. Lee and Mary G. Thomas Healing Garden.

During the initial planning for this center, no one could have predicted we would face a global pandemic, but those challenges have become opportunities in planning this space.

Incorporating lessons learned from COVID-19, GBMC will have the most advanced facility for large-scale emergencies. The addition of enhanced technology to support virtual capabilities and research-based protections to reduce infectious disease transmission will make this new space the most modern and prepared facility in the state.

Official groundbreaking on The Promise Project is September 2, 2021 and the expected completion date for the three-level inpatient facility and parking garage will be fall of 2023. The Sandra R. Berman Pavilion is expected to be complete in fall 2024.

GBMC has been treating the community for 56 years, so the question is: ‘Why now?’ for The Promise Project. The simple answer is because it’s the right thing to do. Because it is what our community needs now and what GBMC leaders know it will need in the future. Since the beginning, GBMC existed for the community. And, as we look toward the future, this vision never wavers.

While the total cost of construction for the three-level inpatient facility, parking garage, and the Sandra R. Berman Pavilion is $166 million, $50 million will come from our gracious community. Your philanthropy builds on our existing strength, and we are proud to announce we are 73 percent of the way toward our goal!

To learn more about The Promise Project, track fundraising progress and learn how to make your promise, visit The Promise Project website.
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