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From left: (top) Grant Hendricksen, Rolando Cabanlit, Keith Simpler, Michelle Moore, Donta Batts, Rodney Holt, Albert Casas; (bottom) Romeo Noceja and Irvin Peradilla

A Team That Works Together, Gives Together

May 31, 2022
GBMC employs more than 4,000 individuals who all come to work each day with a commitment to treating patients like family. For some, that plays out in direct patient care or interacting with families in the cafeteria, shops or hallways. For others, they are behind closed doors but performing important tasks to keep patients safe. Whatever the role, their commitment to the work is palpable.

The clinical engineering team at GBMC performs annual inspections and repairs on medical devices, both life support and non-life support equipment. The eight members of the team have been working at GBMC from four months to 17 years. They come from different personal and professional backgrounds but are bonded by the work. And now, also, by giving back.

The closeness of the team in work and philanthropy starts with their fearless leader.

“We work as a team with everything that we accomplish and everything that we do,” Michelle Moore, Biomedical Engineering Manager, said. “The Promise Project is something that’s near and dear to our hearts, so we wanted to make a contribution together. We thought, why not do something that we maintain and repair?”

Each member of the clinical engineering team signed up for payroll deduction, which will collectively donate funds to name a recliner in one of the forthcoming patient rooms in the new inpatient facility. When Moore was approached to donate to the project, she wanted to give how she works—as a team.

“Our livelihood is down here,” Biomedical Equipment Technician Albert Casas said. “To give back to the hospital, to the organization, is a big deal. Even though it’s a small amount, it feels good.”

“There’s a saying,” Biomedical Equipment Technician Irvin Peradilla added, “‘it’s better to give than to receive’ and it’s a blessing that we can share to the organization even a small amount. We are here to help, also.”

When asked questions about giving back and the work at GBMC, the resounding request to “copy/paste” an answer from their team member was comical, but indicative of a true spirit of collaboration and shared vision. It is clear each member of the team genuinely loves coming to work every day.

“I love what we do and GBMC has been nice to me,” Donta Batts, a Biomedical Engineer who has been with GBMC four months, said. “My coworkers have been nice to me, very genuine and I look forward to growing with them.”

“When I came here, I remember the respect of each other,” Romeo Noceja, a Biomedical Engineer who has been with GBMC for seven years, said. “Even though I didn’t know anyone, they greet me even though they don’t know me yet, and also the teamwork that everyone can attest to. We are of the same mind to help other people, to make sure all the equipment is safe for patient use and that really made me stay here.”

“The work environment. That is one of the reasons I went out from the other job that I had before,” Casas, who has been at GBMC four years, said. “It’s a nice environment to come into every day. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t keep coming back.”

The longest-tenured employee at 17 years, Radiological Engineer Keith Simpler, said, “If you like the people you’re working with and you like what you’re doing, there’s really nothing else. The best you can do right there.”

“Every day is a blessing,” Rolando Cabanlit, Biomedical Engineer, who has been at GBMC for six years, said. “Even though we are not the direct people helping the patient, we still on the back side. The achievement of fixing the unit is our happiness.”

Peradilla, who has been here two years, added, “I always look for the people. It’s good to grow in an environment, especially if the people surrounding you are open, and they are there to encourage you and they will give and are passionate for what you are doing. It is easy to find a job but it’s really hard to find coworkers like this or this kind of organization. There is an impact for me to work here at GBMC.”

Biomedical Engineer Rodney Holt, who has been at GBMC a little more than a year, added, “Everybody is team oriented and friendly. Since I’ve been here, my experience has been excellent. We have no problems communicating, everyone is helpful, there is no negativity in the department. I really just enjoy working with these guys. This is the best team I’ve ever worked with in the biomedical field. Couldn’t ask for anything better.”

The team looks forward to serving patients in The Promise Project space. They have been engaged by leadership in conversations about the new equipment that will be added in the space and look forward to seeing the rest of the hospital transform. They are encouraged by the organization’s growth and forward progress.

“Seeing that progress, it means we’re doing good for the community,” Noceja said. “As a group, since we are having the same things in mind which is to help the patients and make sure the machines are safe for patient use, it’s why are all here and looking forward to it.”

It has been a tough two years for all who work in healthcare. Even those who work behind the scenes have felt the strain. But Moore’s team has weathered the challenge the same way they tackle everything else—by keeping GBMC’s vision at the forefront of their mind and leaning on each other for support.

“We can accomplish much more together, as a cohesive team, helping each other,” Moore said. “It’s evident. It’s radiant. And that’s what we love. And we love what we do. Days are challenging, but together we can accomplish anything.”
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