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2018 giving
2018 Board of Directors

Patricia J. Mitchell — Chair

  • Delbert Adams
  • Robert Aumiller
  • Herbert J. Belgrad, Esq.
  • Christina M. Berzins
  • Monique Booker
  • Robert K. Brookland, MD
  • John B. Chessare, MD
  • Charles C. Fenwick Jr.
  • Christina Fitts
  • Jerry Focas, Esq.
  • Mitchell Goetze
  • Harry S. Johnson, Esq.
  • Heidi Kenny-Berman, Esq.
  • Theda C. Kontis, MD
  • Timothy L. Krongard
  • Franklin M. Lee, Esq.
  • Thomas H. Maddux
  • Anthony Milando
  • Thomas J. O'Donnell Jr.
  • Maria Pane, MD
  • John R. Saunders Jr., MD
  • Stephen T. Scott
  • Melissa Marks Sparrow, MD
  • Bonnie B. Stein
  • Faith E. Thomas, Esq.
  • Steven A. Thomas, Esq.
  • Marion G. Thompson
Philanthropy Committee

Heidi Kenny-Berman, Esq. — Chair

  • Delbert Adams
  • Robert J. Aumiller Sr., Esq.
  • Mary Ellen Barthelme
  • Robert K. Brookland, MD
  • John B. Chessare, MD
  • Jenny Coldiron
  • Carville Collins, Esq.
  • Bev C. Compton Jr.
  • Marilyn Davis
  • Charles C. Fenwick Jr.
  • Thomas G.B. Finney
  • Jerry Focas, Esq.
  • Neal Friedlander, MD
  • Patricia J. Mitchell
  • Ted R. Mowbray III
  • H. Alexander Munitz, MD
  • J. William Murray
  • Thomas J. O'Donnell Jr.
  • Faith E. Thomas, Esq.
  • Joan L. Wang, MD
Corporate Leadership Council

Delbert Adams — Chair

  • James C. Alban IV
  • Christine D. Aspell
  • J. Kevin Carnell
  • John B. Chessare, MD
  • August J. Chiasera
  • Daniel F. Dent
  • Scott E. Dorsey
  • Steven B. Fader
  • Anna W. Gavin
  • Michael D. Hankin
  • Terry F. Neimeyer
Philanthropy Staff
  • Jenny Coldiron
    Vice President of Philanthropy & Marketing
  • Shannon Baumler
    Director of Event Management
  • Morgan Cook
    Associate Director of Annual Fund & Special Events
  • Beth Garner
    Director of Corporate Gifts
  • Margaret Harley
    Director of Prospect Research & Donor Analytics
  • Carolyn Insley
    Executive Assistant
  • John Jeppi
    Senior Director of Principal Gifts
  • Rachel Ladenson
    Senior Director of Development
  • Meg Ryan
    Donor Information Coordinator
  • Kate Thorne
    Director of Philanthropic Engagement
  • Krystina Wales
    Director of Donor Relations & Stewardship
"I hope you realize how grateful I am for the tremendous medical and personal care you gave me. Because you literally saved my life, and resolved every setback during my days here, you will be a part of my life always. Hence forward, you will always remain in my prayers and memories. You are the greatest – you are top notch! In a very serious place, you are also fun to be with."

"I do not know where to begin, so I will start with two simple, but powerful words: thank you! To whomever you may be, I need you to know how much your donation, gift or sacrifice truly changed my daughter's and my life. My diagnoses of breast cancer came in my life like an unexpected mighty rush of wind, dazing me as to what to do next, being a single mother, and the sole provider for my daughter and myself. How will I provide for her and battle for my life at the same time?"

"After a lot of prayer and tears, even as I write this, I thank God for you who chose to donate so I could buy groceries at Giant or a gas card that allow me to get to my chemo treatment, people sparing their time to give me a word of encouragement. Thank you so much!"