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Baltimore Corporate Leadership: Mike Hankin

December 4, 2017
Mike Hankin, president and CEO of Brown Advisory, is committed to his community and giving his employees the opportunity to explore their own philanthropic and volunteer endeavors. It is a great priority for Mike to invest in the community in which Brown Advisory lives and works. But he said it's "not a top-down thing. It's truly coming from the bottom up." And as someone who is as invested in his employees as the ones his corporation advises on, philanthropy and volunteerism is a priority.

Mike Hankin, Brown Advisory
Brown Advisory has been involved with GBMC since 1996, most notably as the presenting sponsor of GBMC's signature annual event – Legacy Chase. They are one of many corporations that have partnered with GBMC throughout the years to grow the health of our community.

How did your personal involvement with GBMC begin?
My wife and I are the proud parents of three children, all of whom were born at GBMC. That was our first connection there. It was a good outcome and over the years, we've had other interactions and through people who were on the board – both the hospital and the foundation – as a result of those interactions, I've always had great respect for GBMC.

Legacy Chase, when the partnership with GBMC came along, was an opportunity to take the community support for GBMC to the next level – in fact to a high level. I think it's been a great partnership. It has not only led to a better event in Sept. each year, but it has led to people understanding what's being done in emergency medicine, neonatal and oncology support services.

It has been exciting to see a sharp increase in the number of people in our community who now understand the role GBMC plays as a result of the Legacy Chase.

Why is important for you to be involved with GBMC from a business perspective?
We have about 350 employees in Baltimore, and it's very important to us they have access to good healthcare. And we look at our community hospitals, especially GBMC, as being very important to their health.

What makes GBMC different from other community healthcare systems?
It's a very good combination of interest in us, continuity and changing for the better. When I think about GBMC, I think about a community hospital that is very interested in how it can be helpful to Brown Advisory's employees and their families. We don’t have to call and say, 'we need help.' GBMC is touching base on a regular basis.

And it's always changing. When I think about what GBMC looked like when our first child was born, versus when our second child was born, versus our third, just dramatic changes and those changes have continued since our third child was born.

I also think about the continuity of doctors. There's not a lot of turnover and the doctors are first-rate. I think one of the really impressive things about GBMC is when you walk through and you see all the plaques on the wall, you see how many doctors are supporting it. That's significant.

It means they are all in. They know they have a responsibility to be supportive as well. It's not just an employee/employer or hospital/doctor relationship. They understand they are part of the community.

Why do you think other corporations should get involved with GBMC?
We think a lot about how lucky we are to live in Baltimore, and at the end of the day, it's up to each of the businesses that are fortunate to be here, to play a supporting role. There are things we look for when we sponsor different things, but we also very much come to the table knowing that if we don’t do something or the next business doesn’t do it, or the next one, who's going to do it? That's what we encourage everybody to think about. We each need to play our role.
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