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Behind the Scenes of GBMC's State-of-the-Art Simulation Innovation Center

May 13, 2021
Very few members of the community know what GBMC’s state-of-the-art Simulation Innovation Center is, and even fewer have gotten to see inside of it. The 4,000-square-foot center is home to replicas of multiple types of hospital environments and hi-fidelity mannekins that mimic living patients. The mannekins are programmed to breathe, have pulses, and perform other bodily functions so that staff members can complete training on them, rather than a human being. Instructors sit within a control room, operating the mannekins from behind the scenes and observing staff members as they care for the “patient” and work through problems as a team. This allows staff to train in a safer environment, starting IVs, administering medications, and putting mannekins on ventilators without risking harm. This type of realistic learning is especially important for practicing the skills needed during “low frequency, high acuity” medical scenarios.
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