GBMC to Open the Bikur Cholim Kosher Hospitality Room

GBMC to Open the Bikur Cholim Kosher Hospitality Room

Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) will host a grand opening ceremony of its new Kosher Hospitality Room located by the main entrance of the hospital. The pantry was built to meet the dietary needs of those who had family members in the hospital and who follow a kosher diet.

The 290-square foot pantry has a refrigerator and freezer, dairy and meat microwaves, disposable utensils and will also be stocked with non-perishable foods including fresh food options that will be double-wrapped in the refrigerator for Shabbot each Friday. Other amenities include two sinks; kitchen cabinets, a dining table with four chairs, sofas and lighting fixtures and prayer/fiath and life books.

The new facility was made possible through support from Bikur Cholm who will stock the pantry with meals and snacks that will have the symbols of national kosher supervision organizations. There is no charge for the food and family members will be able to access the locked pantry by pushbutton lock. The code for entry is posted next to the door in Hebrew.

GBMC acknowledges that it serves many Orthodox and kosher-observant Jews and the main goal of the on-premises kosher food pantry is to help ease the hunger and lift the spirits of concerned family members whose relatives are suffering from illness or injury. The pantry is dedicated in memory of Rabbi Shlomo Gardner, Z’L.

“At GBMC, we recognize that we have large numbers of Orthodox and kosher-observant Jews, who come to our hospital as patients or visitors. Having an on-premises kosher food pantry designed to meet the needs of our Observant Jewish patients and their families is a breakthrough for not only our hospital, but also for the many families being treated at our medical institution,” says John Chessare, M.D., President and CEO of GBMC HealthCare.

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