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Bozzuto Family Understands Importance of the Future of Patient Care

September 30, 2022
Shortly after they were married, Tom and Barbara Bozzuto moved to Baltimore to start a family. Fifty years later, they have two children and six grandchildren, but their family extends far beyond those that carry their hardworking Italian American blood.

Between Tom’s successful development business and Barbara’s extensive civic service resume, the Bozzuto family is a quintessential community-oriented family, always investing both their time and philanthropy to support the people in the place they call home.

“Both of my parents have been extraordinarily engaged through board work, volunteer work and philanthropic donations, specifically in the Baltimore community, always trying to think of ways to give back and make an impact,” Lexie Bozzuto Greene, the couple’s daughter and co-founder of a full-service art consulting firm alongside her sister-in-law, said. “We spend a lot of time as a collective family thinking strategically about using our abilities as much as we can to give back philanthropically. That is something my parents ingrained in my brother and I, and we are engraining in the next generation as well.”

Lexie’s brother, Toby, followed in his father’s footsteps, currently serving as president and CEO of the Bozzuto Group, which was founded in 1988 to develop, build and manage homes and retail. Tom currently serves as chair and co-founder of the organization while Barbara, after spending several years advancing the city of the Baltimore through her public relations work, served on the boards of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, The Center Club, Stevenson University and St. Agnes Hospital. It was through St. Agnes she was first introduced to GBMC.

Barbara became acquainted with GBMC President and CEO, John B. Chessare, MD, MPH, in 2011 when they were both newly elected Maryland Hospital Association board members. She appreciated his wisdom and vision and got to know him well during that time.

“GBMC provides an extraordinary level of care, courtesy and attention to the customer: the patient,” Barbara said. “The patient’s non-medical needs and those of the family members are thoughtful and plentiful on many levels. The simple act of writing the room number on the whiteboard in the room or identifying the nurses on duty at shift changes or ordering a la carte food for your meal, the customer comes first.

“We are grateful patients. Surgeries, births and emergencies have been handled professionally, warmly and efficiently.”

Lexie agreed, saying her mother is not embellishing. All six of the Bozzuto grandchildren were born at GBMC, including Lexie’s three children. She became involved with the Parents Advisory Council following her first experience and appreciated the opportunity to have a voice in advancing pediatric services alongside other invested parents as well as access to things like Dr. Chessare’s COVID-19 webinars as the pandemic raged on.

“Especially with families, aging parents and friends who get sick, there are so many issues that hit home for everyone. To have this inside line of information is a real privilege,” Lexie said.

When the opportunity to support the future of patient care in The Promise Project came up, the family immediately recognized what it would mean for patients and the community.

“We always loved the hospital, but I think so many things changed in terms of how people view healthcare workers with the pandemic. That was a real eye-opener for our whole family,” Lexie said. “We really wanted to support GBMC and the people that work there as much as we possibly could, and I think that sparked us to be more engaged philanthropically.”

The Bozzuto family’s gift will support the Louis and Phyllis Friedman Building, a three-level inpatient facility including a sizeable advancement in space for patients, family members and care teams to treat patients with the advanced technologies and compassionate care everyone deserves.

Lexie, who previously served on the board of Bryn Mawr School during their major capital campaign, applied her learnings about the importance of updated facilities to the conversation.

“In this historic neighborhood, we are fortunate to have beautiful campuses and old buildings, but there are new technologies that advance learning, in Bryn Mawr’s case, and advance the healthcare that can be administered,” Lexie said. “To get back to COVID, the technologies that had to be introduced quickly in order for so many people to teach, learn and work virtually, it just shows how important it is to be updated to keep up with the times.”

The ability to apply advanced technologies is critical, but people are needed to do it. And the Bozzuto family agrees, it is important to support healthcare workers. Through her healthcare work, Barbara understands the unique burden and blessing it is to be an independent community hospital and supports GBMC in their effort to remain that way.

“GBMC is not part of a local or national healthcare system,” she said. “Their research, technology, supply chain, facilities and delivery of excellent healthcare is completely on their shoulders. Most of their work is supported by philanthropy and foundations, and staff and administrative at GBMC all answer to a cause created and nurtured by good, local leadership.

“We have been very grateful for all of the positive outcomes that accompany us as we leave the hospital, and we share GBMC’s commitment to healthcare for whoever needs it regardless of demographic and economics.”
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